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Briteback connects your coworkers, partners, and clients, saves time and resources, and makes it more fun to collaborate.

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More effective collaboration

Communication and collaboration is not just about email and telephony. Chat and video meetings are also part of the communication puzzle. The right media for the right message in the right context.

For effective communication and collaboration, everything must be connected. No switching between different systems and apps. In Briteback, everything is well integrated, in a simple and scalable way.

Role-based administration

For larger and growing companies, simple administration is a success factor. Briteback uses role-based administration, where competences and team membership can be managed based on role. All users can have multiple roles. This makes it super easy to handle organizational changes.

Secure communication

Where do you store your company files and messages? Are they handled safely? Briteback takes security seriously and offers encrypted chat channels. Messages and files added to these channels have end-to-end encryption, the strongest protection you can imagine.

With Briteback, it is also possible to run your own file storage, or to ensure that file storage takes place in a particular country.

Business support

In Briteback, there is a built-in chat channel for support, right in the app. Here your employees can ask questions and get help from Briteback’s talented support team. If necessary, support may use screen sharing to demonstrate how something works.

A piece of cake!

Unique requirements?
Let us customize your solution

We are happy to help you find innovative ways of creating added value through customized solutions. The app can be adapted to your own brand and profile in order to strengthen the brand experience for your employees, partners and customers.

Briteback can also act as third-party provider of branded apps, in your own name.

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The iCentrex app – a branded and white-labelled telecom solution

iCentrex was on a mission to revolutionize the world of corporate telecom. They wanted to integrate telephony in a modern collaboration platform to replace their current softphone app for their tens of thousands of customers. After careful consideration, they selected Briteback as their new platform.

Briteback is way ahead of the competition. It's modern, fast, and can be customized any way you want. And the team is great to work with.

Björn Palm, iCentrex

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