Top 10 Reasons Enterprise Messaging Beats Email

Enterprise messaging is rapidly taking over as the de-facto standard for internal communication among businesses all over the world. Here’s the top 10 reasons why you must jump on that train as well!

#10 Email is dated

Email was state-of-the-art in 1982, when the transfer protocol was defined. And let’s face it, apart from including attachments to email, there are no new features to speak of. Email is from the era of fax machines, Ghostbusters and Jane Fonda workouts (but we still love those leg warmers).

#9 Relevance-based search

With enterprise messaging you automatically get search results categorized according to theme, so that you can sort results based on context, not just date and time. Saves a lot of time compared to searching emails!

#8 Enterprise messaging is secure

With the possibility of encrypted messaging channels, making use of end-to-end encryption, you’re as secure as you’re ever gonna get. No more weak points along the way from sender to receiver. With Briteback’s unique solution you can also have group channels, with members joining and leaving over time, and still be fully secure.

#7 Enterprise messaging is rapid

If you’re used to email, and having to add receivers manually, writing subject lines, greetings, etc, enterprise messaging will feel so quick and smooth that you’ll wonder why you waited so long before trying it.

#6 Enterprise messaging adds a social dimension

Being so rapid, enterprise messaging adds a true social dimension. It has never been easier to talk to a bunch of colleagues. Send some rapid fire messages, and get that social power-up, and you can get back to work, full of energy!

#5 GDPR means the end of internal email

As we have previously explained, GDPR means the end of internal email. It is no longer permitted to send personal data thru email. This has a large effect on business management and HR, to name a few. Also, new situations arrive, where an employee that quits has the right to make the employer remove his or her personal data. When such personal data is located in email inboxes for employees all over the company, that’s virtually impossible for the employer. With enterprise messaging, and proper policies for managing employee discussions, that situation is taken care of easily.

#4 Enterprise messaging is fun

Consumer apps for communication are leading the way: it should be fun to communicate and collaborate! Emojis and Giphys play a crucial role in communication these days, and the use of these cannot be easier than in Enterprise Messaging. Email: watch and learn!

#3 Edit & delete

Hands up everyone who has sent an email and regretted its content? An edit and delete function would sometimes be a real life saver. With enterprise messaging, it is very easy to edit and even delete sent messages. I’m we are not talking 3 seconds of undo window, as some email programs try to handle the problem. We’re talking real edit and delete.

#2 Enterprise messaging is as formal as you wish

Use a formal tone, with proper line breaks and greeting phrases, or go wild with emojis and Giphys. It all depends on the context. But it’s just as easy either way.

And now, the number one argument for enterprise messaging:

#1 There’s no going back

Like love, once you’ve tried it, it’s really hard to live without it. So, let’s embrace enterprise messaging! Peace and Love people!

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