Visit us @ SXSW Interactive

Briteback goes west to visit SXSW Interactive, 13-15th March this year to showcase the brand new release of our team messaging app, which seemlessly integrates email, chat and video with project management tools, CRM systems and social media.

The showcase

Come talk to us about digital communication and collaboration, and let us demo our new app version for you! With the new release of Briteback, users will be able to connect their favourite project management tools and CRM systems to the app.

No matter if you communicate by email or chat, all your communication can be made into tasks and vice versa. You will also be able to assign responsibilities for each task directly in the chat and subscribe to tasks, to follow up on their status and be notified when changes are made. And best of all, it’s made real easy and user friendly! There are no complicated processes to be followed, but merely one button to press.

With the new app release you will also be able to transform chat messages into social media posts, and subscribe to social media content, e.g. Twitter hashtags. All you have to do is to connect your project management tool, CRM system or social media channel to Briteback. Then, you won’t need to log in to these no more and can manage everything through our team messaging app. Team communication and collaboration has never been more effective and transparent!

Come around and test the app yourself! We are looking forward to meeting you!


Find us here

Find us at the Swedish Affair booth (#1521) at the Trade Show and at the Nordic Light House, also known as the Waller Creek Boathouse on 74 Trinity – which is only a four minute walk from the Convention Center.

Click here for the complete Trade Show map.


Your contact at the festival

Our chairman of the board, Per Nordling will be your contact at the festival. He will surely move around a bit, so if you are interested in booking a meeting to talk about digital communication or business with him, please call or send him a SMS at +1 267 206 5109. If you have any questions or other enquiries, mail to

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PS: Aside from interesting talks, you might want to visit the Swedish Affair booth to take a seat in the booth’s comfortable Swedish design furniture and enjoy unplugged bands and musical talents. Don’t miss to try the FREE(!) Swedish coffee and cinammon rolls that are served by our very own barista!


For better communication

Briteback is a free messaging app for all kind of teams and enterprises. It is available for iOS and Android, Windows and Mac. Download the app from Google Play or App Store!

Email, chat and video in one place. Connect your favorite project management tool, CRM system and social media. Register for free:

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