The First True Enterprise Messaging App

After more than a year of beta testing and fine tuning with real customers, Briteback is now the first true enterprise messaging app. Messaging has finally reached a maturity level sufficient for large and growing organizations.

In this post you will learn more about the Briteback app and how it can be used for modern enterprise communication.

Enterprise Messaging

Employing messaging for large or growing organizations is something else entirely than managing a small organization. A scalable solution for enterprise messaging is the cornerstone of Briteback.

Organizational Structure

The team concept in messaging is great when you start out from scratch. But it just doesn’t scale for large and growing organizations. The film below shows how Briteback handles organizations with thousands of employees in a really simple way.

Member Directory

So, the key to make messaging work for large and growing organizations is to create a team structure that fits the way the organization is structured. This way, an employee joins only the teams that he or she is closely related to. Still, it’s important that everyone in an organization can contact each other, even though they do not have any teams in common. In Briteback, all organizations have a special Members team, that all members belong to (except Guests).

This is not something that must be set up by an administrator. It just works.

Role-based Administration

Managing a communication system one user at a time may work for a start-up with a handful of employees. On an enterprise level, it simply doesn’t work.

Administrating roles is something else. In Briteback, a user can have several roles, e.g. Developer, or Manager. System permissions and team membership is set up for roles, not individuals.

Got a new employee? Simply assign that person to the right role(s), and he or she is set to go. Did an employee get new responsibilities? Assign that person to a new role corresponding to the new responsibilities.

Organization Guests

A very convenient and powerful way to handle communication with collaboration partners (e.g. sub-contractors or large customers) is to set up teams for these partners where the communication can take place, and thus be traceable and easy to share with other relevant parts of the organization.

Such collaboration partners can be invited to the organization as *Guests*. This way they automatically get limited access rights and are not treated as true organization members. For example, guests are not part of the Members team in an organization, and cannot be assigned roles (apart from the Guest role).

Quick Channel Selector

For employees with multiple roles, simple navigation between multiple teams and channels is crucial. Briteback introduces the Quick channel selector, a smart feature for super fast navigation between all channels the user is a member of.

Just click the channel selector (or hit *ctrl+k*), and all channels you are a member of, independent of organization and team, are listed, sorted in terms of priority. Channels with unread message get increased priority, as do starred channels and channels you frequently participate in. Start typing, and a live search is performed, quickly zooming in on the channels you are looking for.

Discussion Threads

Messaging is a really quick way of communicating and great for transparency. Things that are written in a channel do not disappear into personal INBOX:es as they tend to do with email. On the other hand, with busy channels, with lots of people writing at the same time, it can be hard to understand the context of a message. How do you make it clear to which message you are referring to in a comment, when several other posts have been written since that message was posted? The manual solution is to always write longer messages, making sure they are understandable without the proper context.

With Briteback, it’s much simpler than that. Just hit the “Comment”-button on the message you want to comment on, and the new message is related to that particular message. For somebody reading your comment, they can simply click on a link next to your message to see which message you commented on.

Internal Branding

Branding is crucial in the world of enterprise, and not only external branding. With Briteback, it’s possible to customize the look and feel of all icons related to an organization, including teams and roles. This makes sure to create a uniform brand statement also internally, and is sure to make a professional impression with external guests.

Power Up: Email

Messaging has so many advantages over email when it comes to internal communication. Ask any manager what he or she thinks about the CC feature… And what about those lovely reply-all conversations? Still, we believe that email will remain the de-facto standard for external communication. Email is an open standard and works well for that first contact with a customer. Hence, any serious communication app must support email for external communication.

The film below illustrates the limitations of email for internal communication and compares it to messaging.

Briteback has an email Power Up that allows the user to read and write emails directly in Briteback. It supports multiple simultaneous accounts (Gmail, Office 365 and Exchange). In fact, it’s a state-of-the art email app that holds its own against any of the top email clients out there.

Above all, it has one unique and powerful feature: SHARE. When you get that important external email from, say, a customer. Just share that email to a relevant messaging channel and discuss it there. This way you avoid a build-up of text in the email body and have nothing to fear once you send the reply to the customer. (Did you ever forget to clean up such an email before replying, only to have the customer see your entire internal discussion about the email? Ouch!). Also, discussing an external email in a messaging channel means that the discussion is searchable, even for future team members that join the channel.

Power Up: Calendar

Keeping up with one’s calendar is crucial at work. And since meetings and schedules are inherently connected to communication, it makes perfect sense to integrate calendar functions with messaging.

The Briteback Calendar Power Up is a fully functional calendar where several calendar accounts can be connected (Gmail, Office 365 and Exchange). There are several views (Month, Week, Day, and Agenda) to help you get the overview that works best for you.

Booking meetings with colleagues has never been easier. Just select the team and all members are automatically added as recipients of a new event.

Scheduling online calls (see below) can also be done. Just click the “Include voice/video session” checkbox when creating an event.

Online Calls

Sometimes it’s simply faster to talk to someone than writing messages. With Briteback, an online call is always just one click away. There is even a short cut for calling members of a channel. Click the phone symbol next to the channel label and you’re set to go. You can add other people as well before starting the call. During the call, you can switch between voice-only and video and select which person is currently in focus. You control your own meeting view.

Need to call someone who is not on Briteback? Just add their email addresses in the External field. An invitation to the call is then sent as an email, and as soon as the receiver opens the invite link in Chrome, he or she joins the session. No registration needed.

Screen sharing can also be done from Chrome. To start sharing your screen click the Screen icon, and install the screen sharing plugin in Chrome. After that just select the window you wish to share. You can see your own view to make sure that you are sharing the right thing.

It’s even possible to participate in several meetings at the same time. Just mute yourself and minimize the call window for one meeting and switch over to the next. Of course you can write messages and read your email in the background.

At the moment, online calls are in BETA mode and supported on the iOS and Android apps as well as the Chrome browser.

Unified Search

One of the main advantages with a unified communication app, is the fact that there is one single search field for all communication channels. Whether the information you’re looking for comes from an email or a chat message, Briteback will find it for you. Just enter your search terms and start searching.

To give you a helpful context Briteback displays all search results sorted by team and email account. Just click on a search result and the corresponding message opens up. Not the right one? Just back out and click on another.

Personal Settings

Personal settings are clearly separated from organizational settings. The display name can be edited and avatars can be set from a wide range of options.

Similarly, settings for Power Ups and Integrations are managed as personal settings.

Current status can also be set (Available, Busy, Vacation). For Busy and Vacation modes, a message can be connected providing additional information, e.g. “In a customer meeting, back at 4 PM”. This message is displayed in direct messaging channels.

Uniform Integrations Interface

Messaging and email are great ways for exchanging ideas and talking about things, but not so good for task management. This is the reason why there are so many applications out there for managing tasks in different domains, e.g. software development, sales, customer support, etc.

Integrating these task management applications with communication has many advantages. Easily turning something said into a task for instance. Or subscribing to task-related changes and receiving updates as messages in a channel is another useful scenario.

Briteback supports all this, with a uniform user interface. Just hit the “/”-button in the messaging input field and select the relevant application. All interaction possibilities are directly there and you just pick an option and continue. Briteback will always give you access to all relevant information. No need to type complicated commands and get error messages.






Google Maps


Briteback Actions

Enterprise Support

A true enterprise messaging app must have world-class support. Our support team is there to help you along at any time. All users in an organization have a direct messaging channel with the support team. Of course, our support team can employ the full Briteback functionality and, if needed, use online calls with screen sharing to help the user.

No support question is irrelevant or unnecessary. We pride ourselves in being there for our customers.

Modern User Interface

Let’s face it: flat design is ugly and hard to use! (“Is that a button to be clicked or just some text in a colored rectangle?”) Briteback loves shadows, shading and beautiful colors. We also think that the white color looks clean and is easy on the eye.

Briteback is designed Mobile First, and fully functional on mobile devices. The web version is designed to naturally extend the mobile user interface to enable seamless movement between various platforms.

The Briteback user interface is based on extensive user testing and feedback from customers. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do!

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