Feature Highlight: Email

In Briteback’s messaging app chat and video calls are nicely integrated with email. No additional apps need to be installed for you to be able to use your own email in Briteback – and this way, collect all your communication channels in one place!

Read below how you can manage your emails in Briteback.

Get started:
How to connect your email accounts to Briteback
You own all your emails
What your inbox looks like

Act upon emails:
Create email with action button
Share email in chat
Star important emails
Mark as done, move and delete

Email etiquette:
Recommended email max length
Auto-reply when busy or absent
RSVP to event/meeting invites

Connect your email

Getting started with email in Briteback is real easy. All you have to do is to click on the email icon in our app and then we’ll guide you through the process. Right now, we support Gmail, Microsoft Exchange and Office365 accounts. Once you’ve clicked on the email provider of your choice and agreed to our terms of use, the app will automatically sync with your email accounts:

You own all your email

Once you are connected, the app will enable you to manage all your different email accounts in one place. Best of all, the app won’t store any of your emails! Think of Briteback as a window that looks down on all your email accounts – nothing more or less. We cannot read your emails, only YOU do.

All email threads in one place

Being effective in your work means to stay on top of things. Time shouldn’t be spent by managing emails or spending seemingly endless minutes with searching for one specific email.

In Briteback you’ll find your email threads to the left. Meaning, all conversations that belong to a specific email subject are collected in one thread. This keeps the content in your inbox minimal and enables to you quickly overview all your conversations.

When you click on one of those threads the latest email within the subject will open on the central screen. To the right you’ll find all of the included emails that make one thread, in chronological order, with the newest on top and oldest at the bottom.

Email threads are collected to the left, with each individual email answer to the right. Opened emails are shown in the center of the screen.

Create email with action button

No matter if you are working on desktop or mobile, the action button is right at your fingertip – always, and regardless where in the app you are right now! This way, creating emails – but even starting voice/video calls or creating a new calendar event – is real easy. See the bright yellow plus-button down at the right edge? That’s where you have to click.

Create new emails, voice/video calls and calendar events with the action button.

Share email in chat

It is said that sharing is caring, but we all know that sharing emails by forwarding them to the recipient is a pain in the neck. Especially if you have to forward them to several people. Some of them will hit the reply-all button, and some …won’t. All of a sudden you are confronted with several email threads about the same topic with the same people, slowly but surely losing overview of who responded to whom about what.

If this weren’t enough already, discussions among several people that have been started by forwarding emails usually result in endless email chains, with a funky email subject like: Re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: – This is annoying and you will always have to open that email to remember what the topic of the discussion was, especially if you have several email discussions going on at the same time.

So, here is our solution to the problem! Share important emails directly in a chat channel, for everyone to read and comment on. No more forwarding, no more reply-buttons or confusion – but complete transparency. Regain quality of life!

When in your inbox, swipe right to share an email to the team chat channel of your choice.

PS: We don’t like bragging, but are very proud of being the only app on the market (as of now) that can provide this feature of email sharing in the chat! It’s super easy and one of the most used features!

Star important emails

How do you remember what to do? If you are like most people, you flag your emails one way or the other. Flagged emails serve as a visual memory system, because they are easy to see. This way you don’t have to remember all the things you want to do, you just have to have a look to know there are still some emails you want to act upon. When in your inbox, swipe right to star an email.

When in your inbox, swipe right to star important emails. Starred emails can be unstarred the same way.

Mark as done, move and delete

One can be amazed about how differently people manage their inboxes. Some people don’t manage their inbox at all, being comfortable with thousands and thousands of emails being stacked upon each other. While others prefer to keep their inbox clean and the email list short, by sorting away emails that have been acted upon, emails that need to be saved for later or that shall be archived.

Of course, you choose what you like best, but at least we’d like to give you all possible options, enabling you to move emails from one folder to another one, mark them as done or delete those emails you don’t need anymore.

Manage your emails simply by swiping right to mark them as a favourite, to share them with your team mates or to move them to another folder. Swipe left to delete emails or move them to the Done-folder.

Recommended max email length

Formatting your email is extremely important if you want your email to be read and understood. Studies in cognitive science show that our working memory has an incredibly hard time processing large amounts of information. Wouldn’t you agree, that it is difficult to remember a new telephone number? And that’s just a number… Now try to imagine what it would take to memorize a phone catalogue. Not many people can do that. No wonder, receiving and having to read an unstructered wall of text in an email is – physically(!) – exhausting to us and the restricted capabilities of our brain.

So, if you are someone who tends to write very long and unstructured mails, let the app tell you if you are still within the parameters of the recommended maximum email length.

Fact is, short emails are more likely to be read and responded to quickly. Keeping your emails brief will also force you to be clear with your own intentions and what kind of answer you expect from the recipient.

Business feature: When writing an email, the app alerts you when you are about to exceed the recommended maximum length for emails.

Auto-reply when busy or absent

Let’s imagine you wrote an important email and are expecting an answer within 24 hours. But you won’t get it, because the recipient of your email is currently on a business trip or on vacation. Wouldn’t it be possible to imagine that you will get impatient and maybe even angry for not receiving a timely respons?

Likewise you don’t want to keep others waiting! If you cannot respond within a reasonable time, we do recommend you to set a status and include a short auto-reply so others know when they can expect you to be in touch in with them.

Set your status to available, busy or on vacation. Include a status message for your team chats and set up an auto-reply, that will be sent out as an email.

In Briteback your default status is available, which you can change to busy and vacation. You may add a short note that will be displayed in the team chat whenever someone addresses you, to inform them when you will be back again.

Add a short auto-reply message that will be sent as an email, and make sure everyone knows what you are up to. This way people are given the opportunity to consider other options of getting in touch with you, in case there really is an urgent matter they need to discuss with you.

RSVP to event/meeting invites

Teamwork means collaboration and is only possible by communicating. Mailing back and forth or discussing something in the team chat, isn’t always sufficient. Face-to-face meetings should be held if possible, because written communication lacks some important qualities that are unique to speech. Prosody (intonation, tone, stress, and rhythm) for example. Also, talking with each other let’s you come to conclusions much quicker!

Inviting team members to a meeting/event is a piece of cake in Briteback. Just click the action button to create a new event, set a title, the event location and what the event will be about. You may then invite all your team mates (with one click!) or select individual participants. Finally set the time parameters for the event. When you click the button “save and notify” an email will be sent to your guests asking them to participate in your event.

This way, guests that have been invited to your event will get all the necessary information they need and also be able to quickly send you a notification about their attendence. Also, the guest list is public to your team, so all guests know excactly who is coming.

Invite team members to a meeting, by creating a new calendar event. Invite the whole team or individuals. Guests will receive an invitation by email and notify about their attendance by answering “Yes”, “Maybe” or “No”.

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