Linköping University Goes Briteback

J Jacob Wikner, an Associate Professor in Electronics Systems at Linköping University, reached out and told us he was using the Briteback messaging app for student supervision. He was very pleased with the results so we sat down and had a chat about his experience with Briteback.

What made you try Briteback for teaching?

– As a university teacher you have tons of different projects going on and teaching on top of that. You really need to get efficient and cut down on slack. I thought Briteback could be a good way to improve my teaching efficiency while providing a pedagogical twist with increased student activity.

How did you set up Briteback?

– I created a team for the students I supervise this semester. In this team I set up messaging channels for different topics, for example, #Technical issues, #Meetings, #Practical issues, etc. But it’s really flexible, new messaging channels can be created in a matter of seconds when needed.

Was it hard to get the students on board?

– Not at all. I just invited them to the supervision team I had set up and they all got on board in a couple of hours. I think they really like the idea of (finally) using a modern mobile-oriented system for studying.

What are the main benefits with Briteback for student supervision?

– For me as a teacher, Briteback is a great way to get some structure in the communication with students. Before it was one email after the other, all ending up in the chaos that was my INBOX. Now all messages are automatically placed where they belong, thanks to the structure of teams and channels.

For the students, they can now take advantage of other students’ questions and discussions. It’s very easy for them to communicate with each other and form their own discussion channels. As a teacher I can just monitor their discussions and intervene with additional information or corrections when needed. That’s great for their independence and creativity.

Would you recommend others to try Briteback for teaching?

– Definitely. It’s very easy to get started and the students immediately get how it works. Also, for thesis supervision, I find that the students are so mature in working with social media that they get going in a very independent way.

Many thanks for taking the time to talk to us Jacob, and good luck with the teaching in the future.

– You’re welcome!

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