SACC Philadelphia Goes Briteback

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Philadelphia – SACC Philadelphia – was founded in 1999, and the mission of the Chamber is to encourage and promote the exchange of technology, trade and culture between Sweden and the Greater Philadelphia Region, while providing members with a spectrum of services and social events.

The chamber continuously works to strengthen the bond between Sweden and the Greater Philadelphia Region. SACC has organized and participated in several trade missions, assisting Swedish companies in opening head offices and expanding their presence in the US. To support its members, the SACC Philadelphia office assist with everything from helping newcomers in the Philadelphia Region setting up office or establishing contacts with local companies, to performing market analyses and marketing campaigns. The same is done for companies looking to establish themselves in Sweden.

Mr. David Engstrom, President of SACC Philadelphia, recently decided to use the Briteback messaging platform for the association’s internal communication. The initial scope was moving all internal email communication to messaging. In the second phase Briteback’s online calls and screen sharing capabilities are to be activated which will make setting up and conducting team meetings much more efficient.

The first Briteback users in the SACC Philadelphia organizations were Maria Didner and Linn Johansson. Later all board members will be invited to join the Briteback work group and moving forward SACC will also invite all the association’s members to participate.

We recently met with David, Maria and Linn to ask a few questions about how Briteback has impacted their work.

David, what made you select Briteback for the SACC Philadelphia association?

As the President for a small non-for-profit organization I always have multiple projects ongoing that require frequent communication with a large number of different colleagues and members, depending on topic. Before Briteback all this communication ended up in my inbox that I then had to sort, prioritize, answer and finally archive. With Briteback I don’t have to do any of that and the app also helps me prioritize my work. The only thing Briteback does not do is actually answering my messages, which is something I prefer to do myself.

Maria, how did you set up Briteback?

The Briteback functionality we are currently using are; Messaging (replacing internal emails), Email (for external communication) and Calendar. The plan is to also activate Online Calls and Screen Sharing which will replace Skype and other types of online web conference call system we use.

In terms of Messaging we created several teams, one for the association’s administrative group, one for members, and one team for the communication with the Briteback support team. In the Internal team we set up private channels for the various areas such as Administration, Sales & Marketing and Event Planning.

Moving forward I am sure we will add more channels and what I like with Briteback is that it can be set up so that adding channels can only be done by the dedicated System Administrator. This will help us avoid the common issues caused by team members potentially creating channels that are similar in nature, thereby making it difficult to determine what channel to use. With a System Administrator responsible we will secure that each created channel is dedicated to a unique topic.

Linn, was it difficult to get your other colleagues to accept this new way of working?

No it actually wasn’t. We just invited them to the SACC PHL Organization and then to the various Teams that we had set up together with the Briteback account manager and our colleagues all got on board in a couple of weeks. I think they really like the idea of (finally) using a modern mobile-oriented system for our internal communication, thereby saving “email inbox time” that they now instead can use to more value adding professional and/or personal activities.

Maria and Linn, what are the main benefits with Briteback for team communication?

For me as an Intern, Briteback is a great way to get some structure in the internal communication within our team, and I feel that my colleagues feel the same way in-between themselves and with their communication with me. Before it was one email after the other, sometimes hundreds per day, all ending up in the chaos that was my email inbox. Now all messages are automatically placed where they belong, thanks to the Briteback structure with teams and channels.

Our members will actually get access to more information using Briteback but spend less energy accessing this information. They will also be able to take advantage of other members’ questions and discussions and it will be very easy for them to communicate with each other.

David, Maria and Linn, would you recommend others to try Briteback for Financial Services?

Definitely. It’s very easy to get started and the team members immediately understand how it works. The benefits become very obvious after using the system just for a few days, since the avalanche of internal emails basically stops right away.

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