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Today, the average office worker receives more emails than they can manage1. Information overload is the single biggest obstacle to being effective and productive.

This is a shame, because we know that things don’t have to be this way! The past two years we worked incredibly hard to develop our messaging app with the ultimate goal of reducing communication-related stress. Our vision is to enable our users to free their mind and work at peace, by enabling them to bridge the gap between communication and project management tools – with the benefits of improved productivity, better teamwork, higher levels creativity and working towards the same goals.


The last two years new technology has been brought to the market allowing early adopting teams to eliminate internal emails by moving their team communication into purpose-made apps. These apps are aiming for becoming one-stop-shops for all team communication, written as well as verbal, but few truly succeed. Unfortunately, most of these apps eliminate email completely, thereby merely transferring email-related communication problems to the messaging.

Briteback is the only messaging app on the market which deeply integrates chat with email, calendar and voice/video and enables its users to easily share cloud stored files and offering screen sharing functionality. Users may also connect their favorite project management and customer relationship management tool to immediately put their talk to work, with the benefit of truly improved productivity.


60 minutes per day savings is mainly referencing the time you spend organizing your inbox on a daily basis. A related benefit to using Briteback’s messaging app is the reduction of time you and your team members spend searching for archived information that you thought you knew where it was filed. And we haven’t yet mentioned the boost in teamwork and morale you will get by making huge amounts of company information available for all colleagues in an easy-to-access structure.

Your team members will hear and be heard, now more than ever! Improved teamwork by information transparency and more efficient workflows is the second most important benefit our messaging app enables.


All the time you just made available for the team will make their creativity flourish after eliminating the stress of one of the worst daily mundane tasks – managing emails. Who knows what innovations your team members can unleash using their additional 60 minutes per day in combination with working in a less stressful environment, supported by a wealth of easy-to-access company information.

Improved creativity from increased forward looking time combined with less stress is the third most important benefit Briteback enables.

Common goals

In conclusion you can now give your team a tool that will increase their productivity, allow them to work smarter as a team, and be more creative driving innovations that they did not think were possible. You can provide them a better opportunity to work towards a common goal to reach their team’s ultimate potential and beyond.

What is now hindering your team from beating the competition? Creating winning teams that work towards a common goal is the fourth but probably the most important benefit of using Briteback.

Briteback – messaging app for teams

Briteback is a messaging app for teams and enterprises integrating email, chat and voice/video, with file & screen sharing functionality, as well as integrating project & customer relation mamangement tools.
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1. [Grevet , C., Choi, D., Kumar, D., & Gilbert, E. (2014). Overload is Overloaded: Email in the Age of Gmail. *Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems*. Toronto: ACM.]

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