Briteback Platform

The adaptable communication and collaboration platform

Focus on your core features, let Briteback do the rest

Introducing communication and collaboration features to your app can be a great way forward. But is it really a good idea to build these features in-house? Such projects tend to grow in scope and take up your resources when they are needed elsewhere.

A flexible platform

The Briteback Platform is so flexible that you can integrate it with virtually any software product. It can be integrated in a web-based system thru an iframe. It is also possible to integrate your native apps with the Briteback Platform. Combine this with our flexible API, and you are set to go!

Future proof with modern technology

The Briteback Platform is built with ultra modern web technology based on Javascript, Nodejs and React. There is code injection protection, transport-level encryption with SSL & WSS, and both client- and server- side role-based access control. Scalability is guaranteed with a Docker-based cloud solution.

Multi-platform from day one

With Briteback you directly get apps on all the major platforms. It works on the web, and as mobile apps for Android and iOS. There are also desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux. All apps are lightning fast with a genuine native feel. There’s no more need to build and maintain separate apps for all platforms.

Everything you need

Chat, email, calendar, video calls

At its core, Briteback is a state-of-the-art corporate chat solution, with support for organizational structures, and role-based management. There is also built-in multi-person video calls with screen sharing. Add power-ups for email and calendar and you get a complete all-in-one solution.

  • All-In-One solution

  • Compatible with office 365 and Google apps

  • Powerful ti (encryption, surveys, self-hosting)


Branding and white-labelling

You can adapt the Briteback Platform to fit your corporate brand, with logos, color schemes, etc. With white labelling, it is possible to put your name on the app and deliver it to your customers from the App Store and Google Play. With a license model based on kickback from sales, you can sell it as an add-on or as a unique product.

  • Customize the look-and-feel

  • Get an app with your name and brand

  • Sell it as an add-on or as a unique app

Custom features

Just select the features you need and leave the rest aside. No need for an email- integration? No problem, just uncheck that feature. Do you need new features or integrations with your own app or another system? We provide a powerful integration API, which can also be customized to your needs.

  • Full feature control

  • Customizable integration API

  • Custom features built according to spec

Powerful SLA

We understand the importance, and challenges, with tough service level agreements. Your customers and users rely on you to always be accessible. That is why we have spent thousands of hours on software and routines for upgrades, maintenance, and monitoring. So that you can rely on us.

  • Zero-downtime upgrades

  • Maintenance scheduled in advance

  • Frequent upgrades and improvements

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