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Focus on your research instead of administration

Doing research is great. But spending days and weeks, and sometimes nights, with loads of administration can be quite challenging. And not very effective. Therefore we have developed Briteback Explore. An extremely powerful and user friendly app that helps you save time, reduce costs and secure maximum quality in your research.

Say hello to simplicity

Briteback Explore is an adaptable, multi-functional app that makes even the most complex studies easy to manage. Already in its standard configuration, Briteback Explore provides you with unique and powerful tools for complex study designs, large longitudinal studies, strong privacy concerns and participants with special needs. For instance, Briteback Explore makes any survey a breeze thanks to the extremely capable built-in survey tool.

Connected participants and colleagues

Briteback Explore helps you control and structure all aspects of communication related to your research. Messaging, online calls, video calls, email, sms and calendar. Everything is at your fingertips. The app is easy to configure for any type of group - research teams, students, participants and stakeholders.

Designed by researchers for researchers

The Briteback Explore app derives from many years experience of advanced research combined with innovative thinking and groundbreaking software development. The result is an infinitely scalable and adaptable solution that secures privacy and provides unique possibilities to unleash the full potential of your research.

A comprehensive set of feautres

Complex study designs

Save days of work and minimize the risk for errors with study automation. Briteback Explore allows you to create and manage the most complex studies based on condition/action logic between surveys. A certain answer can trigger a set of events and new surveys. Every part of the process can be automated, from scheduling and reminders to recurring intervals. Data is easy to structure and export for analysis and statistics.

  • Scheduling and reminders

  • Recurring surveys

  • Condition/action between surveys


Large longitudinal studies

Do you think of longitudinal studies as extremely time-consuming and complicated? Especially when new participants drop in at irregular intervals? Well, now you can forget all about that. With Briteback Explore you define the process as a chain of conditions and actions, which means that participants can embark at any time. Everything is automated and adapted to the participant - notifications, reminders and - of course - distribution of surveys and management of data. Say goodbye to that huge excel sheet you used to need for managing your study on a daily basis.

  • Notifications for studies

  • Information distribution

  • Participant support


Strong privacy concerns

At Briteback we strongly believe in ethics and respect for privacy. Collected data must be handled with care. Therefore we offer tailored storage solutions that meet your every demand. Please contact our support team for more information.

  • European data storage

  • National data storage

  • Own data storage


Participants with special needs

Briteback Explore is designed for accessibility and can be adapted in many ways in order to meet individual requirements depending on health and physical ability. In addition to the standard set of features, we also offer customized solutions for special needs.

  • Sms invitations

  • Screen reader support

  • Smartphone friendly surveys


Let us customize your solution

The Briteback team is constantly developing new and refined features as a result from user feedback and special needs. We are happy to assist you in finding new ways of adding value through customisation and innovation.

Briteback Explore can be branded with your own trademark and identity in order to strengthen the brand experience of your company or study. Briteback can also act as third party provider of branded apps for bundled commercial software packages.

Digital transformation calls for smart integration. Briteback Explore can be integrated with most systems and applications in the world of research. Please contact us for further information.

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Information and support

Briteback Explore is adapted to the researcher on the move and works on all platforms. It can be used as an app on smartphones and tablets and in a web browser.


The Briteback Support Team is always there to help you out. With our research experience we can even help you with study designs and how to automate them in Briteback Explore. We are just one click away in the built-in support chat.

About the company

Briteback AB is a highly innovative software company from Sweden. We understand the challenges of the multi-tasking researcher and believe that researchers should spend their valuable time on research, not planning and administration. We have set out to make this possible.