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Sustainable training management

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Empower your athletes

We believe that training and coaching should be fun, rewarding and open for new thinking. Therefore we have developed Briteback Elite. The world’s first app for sustainable training management. A digital communication platform that connects athletes and staff, saves time and resources, and – last but not least – helps you prevent injury and make athletes more motivated.

Redefines training management

Briteback Elite is an adaptable, multi-functional app that takes training management to a completely new level. Already in its standard configuration, Briteback Elite provides you with unique and powerful tools for injury monitoring, competition management, training evaluation and team communication. A complete solution for committed training management on every level - from youth clubs to professional teams and athletes.

Connected athletes and staff

Briteback Elite helps you control and structure all aspects of communication related to competition and training. Messaging, online calls, video calls, email, sms and calendar. Everything is at your fingertips. The app is easy to configure for all levels - management team, club staff, individual athlete, training group, team or association. And of course its possible to set up special groups like parent groups, transportation teams and competition officials. The sky is the limit.

Less injuries and more motivation

Briteback Elite features a powerful survey tool that facilitates systematic injury monitoring and training feedback for every athlete. This way the staff of trainers can keep track of the individual athletes’ health status as well as their personal reflections on the training, thus optimizing the possibilities to prevent injury and enhance training programs. 

A comprehensive set of feautres

Injury monitoring

Injury Monitoring offer the possibility to tailor injury status surveys and have them sent individually to athletes directly after training or at any other time. Answers are processed automatically and if the athlete feels pain or have other concerns, the coach or physiotherapist is immediately notified. Via chat and video the athlete can describe and discuss his/her problem in real-time. Surveys are prepared for groups or individuals with questions, answers and constraints for different actions depending on user response. Pre-set intervals, times and dates make distribution a breeze. Data can be saved, structured and exported for analysis and statistics.

  • Recurring injury status surveys

  • Alerts to coaches and physiotherapists

  • Import team members from lists

  • On-the-go answering from smartphones

  • Structure and export data

Training evaluation

Setting up a Training Evaluation follows exactly the same procedure as Injury Monitoring. Depending on the objective and type of training evaluated, the coach formulates relevant questions, answers and desired actions. Real-time feedback allows for quick follow-up and necessary adjustment of training programs. The outcome: Highly motivated athletes and better training results.

  • Recurring evaluation surveys

  • Alerts for dissatisfaction

  • Capture improvement suggestions

  • Structure and export data

  • Import team members from lists

Competition management

Competition Management is a collection of features that saves you loads of time compared to traditional ways of working with invitations, information and planning of events. As an extra bonus you and your staff can also prepare tailored surveys for e.g. injury reports, special foods, staff at the competition, transportation services, accomodation and much more.

  • Invitation management (email and sms)

  • Scheduling support

  • Injury report surveys

  • Structure and export data

  • Import members from list

Team communication

Thanks to Team Communication you can forget about time-consuming email communications and expensive sms-solutions. Briteback’s messaging is a powerful and flexible solution for all mobile platforms and any size of group. Email and sms can be seamlessly integrated, and there are chat, video and calendar functions included in the package. Notifications are easily managed and groups can be created for different purposes.

  • Custom communication structure

  • Notification management

  • Web, iOS and Android


Let us customize your solution

The Briteback team is constantly developing new and refined features as a result from user feedback and special needs. We are happy to assist you in finding new ways of adding value through customisation and innovation.

Briteback Elite can be adapted to your own brand and profile in order to strengthen the brand experience for members of your club or association. Briteback can also act as third party provider of branded apps for bundled commercial software packages.

Digital transformation calls for smart integration. Briteback Elite can be integrated with most systems and applications in the world of sports. Please contact us for further information.


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Information and support

Briteback Elite is adapted to the athletes and coaches on the move and works on all platforms. It can be used as an app on smartphones and tablets and in a web browser.

The Briteback Support Team is always there to help you out. We are just one click away in the built-in support chat.

About the company

Briteback AB is a highly innovative software company from Sweden. We understand the challenges of training management with multi-tasking athletes and coaches on the go. We have set out to take training management to a new level.