The team


Today’s situation in the world of enterprise, when it comes to online communication, is a mess of different apps and systems, and information gets distributed and hard to find. Briteback’s vision is to give enterprises control over their online communication.

The Briteback messaging app is built to fit large and growing organizations with role-based administration. Unlike other apps and systems claiming to kill email, Briteback believes that email will remain a de-facto-standard for external communication, and provides a solution for smooth integration of email with messaging and online calls.

Briteback also provides integrations with business-critical applications for sales, project management, etc. All in one place, for real.


Johan Åberg

Johan is a co-founder of Briteback. Prior to that he was Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Linköping University, doing research and teaching in team communication, interaction design, agile software development, and electronic commerce. Previously, Johan was a software consultant at SoftLab. Johan holds a PhD in Computer Science from Linköping University.

David Erenger

David is a co-founder of Briteback. Prior to that he was a Flight Test Engineer, UAV Pilot and Material Group Manager at Saab Aeronautics. Previously, David was CIO and Partner at Meal Planning Concepts, consultant at Combitech, and NCO with the Swedish Armed Forces. David holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer science from Linköping University.

Per Nordling
Chairman of the board

Per is a co-founder of Briteback. Per is also chairman at Dapresy. Prior to that he was co-founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of Medius, a global software company developing and selling ERP and workflow software worldwide. Previously, Per was CEO at Usesoft, Area Manager at Benefit, Consultancy Manager at IFS, and Logistics Support Coordinator at Saab. Per holds a Masters degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.